The Bluffs as an Outdoor Classroom – Katie Roberts Bluffs Day

The natural assets of the Carpinteria Bluffs make the Nature Preserve an amazing outdoor classroom that hundreds of students experience each year, from pre-school age on up to folks in their nineties taking Adult Education courses.


Each year, around 150 Carpinteria 3rd graders from Canalino, Main, and Aliso Schools as well as Carpinteria Family School take an “Earth Day” field trip to the Bluffs, organized and sponsored by Citizens for the Carpinteria Bluffs in partnership with the City’s Parks and Recreation Department. Originally organized each year in late spring by Citizens for the Carpinteria Bluffs Board member Katie Roberts as part of Earth Day, this educational event now takes place in the fall and is named in memory of her.

This special day features a number of scientific activities for the students that include observing and painting nature with local, well known artists; learning more about harbor seals and sea lions; bird watching; and learning about plants and weeds of the Bluffs. In addition, the students often are asked to help plant additional native plants in areas of the Bluffs being restored.

Using this website, teachers and parents can learn more about the Flora & Fauna of the Carpinteria Bluffs or how to use the Bluffs on Earth Day and throughout the year for field trips as an incredible outdoor classroom.
(Click on “outdoor classroom” above to get to our special Field Trip page for teachers and parents.)

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